About the artist

Joe McClafferty lives in Falcarragh, a small town in the beautiful Donegal Gaeltacht. He got his inspiration and love of painting from wanting to capture and convey this picturesque scenery. Joe is self-taught and has been painting since his early teens and his love for painting has only grown over the years.

Joe attended an art workshop with the American artist Patricia Mann in the early 80’s. Whilst painting with Patricia she helped hone his artistic talent and encouraged him to use different mediums and styles. His paintings are mostly done in a realistic style depicting landscapes, still life and portraits using a different variety of mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolours and pastels. His work explores various different themes ranging from the natural world to cityscapes to animals in nature.

This past few years he has set up art workshops in his local area. These workshops allow him the opportunity to share his knowledge off and passion for art with other aspiring artists.

Joe has exhibited his work in galleries in Donegal and Galway.

The Studio

My studio is located in my home, in the picturesque town of Falcarragh. Stop by anytime to see the new paintings in my collection.