Donegal Artist

Each painting is done of scene or a representation of some aspect of life living in Ireland.
I take the time to leave my mark on every painting, giving each
piece that personal touch of humanity.



This is and always will be one of my favourite types of painting. From when I first started painting when I was only young, I loved depicting natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests. The vibrance and uniqueness of each & every sky was one of the main aspects I tried to capture in many of these works. 

Still life

This is a type of painting I’ve worked on through the years. I think it’s a type of painting that every artist tries at one time or another as it is one of the simplest setups. It allows enormous variation from inanimate objects like glassware, bottles, china, etc. to flowers, plants, fruits, etc. or even a combination of both. Although this variation makes an incredibly hard type to master it also provides huge enjoyment to experiment with.


This is only a new type of painting for me. Although I loved trying to capture the different facial features in each portrait that allows the viewer to instantly recognize the subject.


I was exposed to animals from childhood. From helping and working on a farm to just living in the countryside in general I developed a keen fasciation with animals and their different environments. Although I experimented with drawing and painting animals when I was younger, it wasn’t until the conception of the camera that I was able to depict animals in a more realistic style. 


Abstract art is not representational and therefore allows the artist to explore colour and form more freely.

Commissioned Works

If you got a scene or image that you would like an artistic representation done of please contact me.

Newest Additions to my Collection

You can see some of my most recent works below.

Perfect Replications

Beautiful prints of some of Donegal’s & Ireland’s iconic scenes as well as a selection of still life and other types of prints.

commissioned works

If you got a scene or image that you would like an artistic representation done of please contact me